Friday, 21 June 2013

Friday: Weekend Idea - Host a Sleepover!

This weekend my daughter is having some of her friends around for a sleepover.

This should be lot of fun for my daughter although I don't think any of them will get much sleep!

We are taking the girls bowling in the afternoon and will be having pizza for dinner.

During the late afternoon and evening they can just hang out and be typical silly eight year old girls. Or if they want they can do any of the following: watch a movie, play Sing Star, paint their nails or make friendship bracelets.

It is always good to have some lollies when you are playing with your friends. As I don't have to make a birthday cake this year (ice cream cake yay!) I found a picture of some 'nail polish treats' which I have made for them to eat.

All you need is some marshmallows, chocolate covered licorice sticks or tootsie rolls, icing sugar, food colouring.

Cut the licorice sticks in half if long (these are used for the nail polish lids)

Make water icing using icing sugar, water and food colouring.
I made one colour icing at a time. It needs to be thick enough to coat and not run off too much.Using a fork dip the marshmallow in the icing and then place on baking paper. Place the piece of licorice on top of the marshmallow to make the handle.

When finished you have a tray of 'nail polish treats'.

See you tomorrow.

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