Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sunday: How to ... do nothing!

Today in Australia (and the USA) it is Mothers Day.

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So today ... the challenge for all the Mum's is to do nothing!

I am writing this on Saturday evening so I hoping for a sleep-in tomorrow morning for Mothers Day.

In reality it will probably be more like a bit of a snooze. My daughter will wake me early to give me a card but it will still be good.

I am very fortunate to have to two wonderful, gorgeous children. Although they drive me nuts on occasion, time is going so quickly and before I know it my daughter will be a teenager.

So, to all us Mum's out there who do so much every day - sit back, read a magazine and for one day of the year, relax and let others do everything for you. If there is no-one else to help then leave what you can, it will still be there on Monday.

Have a great Mothers Day.

For those of you who have just lost your Mum's or who are going through infertility and pregnancy issues at the moment my thoughts are with you on what must be a very difficult day.

I have had a number of miscarriages during my life particularly between my two children which is why there is over six years in age difference between them. I understand how difficult a day celebrating motherhood can be.

See you tomorrow

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