Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Tuesday: What is your favourite smell?


There are some we love and some we hate.

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So, what are your five favourite smells?

5. Toast
Is there anything more wonderful than the smell of freshly cooked toast? Well, in my opinion there are four nicer smells, but this one comes in fifth on my list.

The smell of bread and toast is so popular that supermarkets put the bakery at the front of the store. This is so we will be tempted inside to purchase the freshly baked products along with the other ten items we didn't really need.

The smell of toast can get me out of bed on the coldest morning. It instantly makes me think of being at home, snuggled under a blanket watching old movies. It is a smell that makes me happy.

There is though, nothing worse than the smell of burnt toast, so this smell can go from great to horrid in ten seconds flat!

4. Tar being freshly laid on a road
I love the smell of tar being freshly laid on a road. Why? I have no idea. But I know I am not alone in my love of this smell.

I may hate the inconvenience of road works but at least it smells good!

3. Chocolate
Who can resist the smell of chocolate?

My love of  the smell of chocolate may have something to do with my childhood. I grew up in the city of York where we had both Nestle (Rowntrees) and Terry's chocolate factories. If you were in the right part of the city you could regularly smell molten chocolate.

Even now the smell of chocolate makes my mouth water. To be honest, it also normally sends me towards the nearest newsagent to buy a bar or two.

2. Citrus
I love the smell of citrus. I find it refreshing and energising. As they don't bottle my favourite smell (see below) I always go for citrus based perfumes. I love using citrus smelling products first thing on a morning to wake me up.

My favourite citrus scent is grapefruit. The perfect combination of sweet and tangy.

1. Candles
In particular, the smell of candles just after they have been blown out. As per the picture at the top of this blog, it is when the smoke is swirling from the top of the wick.

I have no idea why, but I love this smell. It is my absolute favourite. It doesn't matter what type of candle is blown out, they all smell wonderful one second after they have been extinguished.

I'm weird I know!

So what are your favourite smells? Is there anything as odd as mine?

1 comment:

  1. Tar being laid on the road? That is only slightly odd, but very far from the smells I like!
    5. Crisp laundry -- the freshness and lightness of it is wonderful.
    4. Carnations -- my favourite flower smell always gives me a smile.
    3. Dill -- comforting and soothing. This grew in a garden my family had when I was a child, and is always added to boiled potatoes in Poland.
    2. Bread -- freshly baked, crunchy crust, bread roll, rye bread, whatever: I always feel hungry and soothed at once.
    1. Tea -- Earl Grey or smooth jasmine, though any will do. This is the one scent that automatically makes me relax and feel like I'm getting away from it all. Sigh.
    Right, I should stop stalking your blog posts now!


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