Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sunday: Do you know your grams from your ounces?

I am starting to enjoy baking treats for my children. My daughter is at the age where she particularly appreciates the effort that I am making.

Image from morgueFile
It can be difficult though, when you have a recipe in one type of measurement, and you need to convert it to another.

Here is something that may help.
This chart is full of useful conversions to help when you are in the kitchen. I particularly love the conversion of cups to both metric and imperial.

My older recipes from England all use imperial measurements and I have needed to convert them to meet Australian measurements. It is also useful when I find American recipes on the Internet as they regularly use cups.

As any of you who bake regularly will know, unless you get the measurements exactly right, the result is a less than perfect cake. I have had to learn this the hard way on a number of occasions!

What about you? Do you regularly have to convert measurements? Will you find this useful?

See you tomorrow.

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