Friday, 8 February 2013

Friday: Weekend Idea - Buy more books - hopefully!

There is nothing better than buying a book - except when you are buying a book for a good cause.

I love library book sales.

I get an amazing amount of pleasure from rummaging through boxes of old books and finding some hidden gems.

Tomorrow, I am going to the book sale at our local library.

Well I was, but I was just looking on the Internet and I can't see it advertised anywhere. I have got a flyer with tomorrow's date listed on it but that was given to me at the last sale in November.

Maybe the date got changed and they didn't tell me!!!

I may just take a wander down to the library anyway as my daughter wants to borrow more books. She is obsessed with the Fairy Magic series by Daisy Meadows. At least when she is reading a book she is not annoying her brother.

My weekend was going to involve going to the book sale and then lounging around at home reading my purchases. I have had a busy week and needed a relaxing day before my husband's MRI results appointments next week.

No book sale means no books and that may mean that I have to do housework instead.

So, cross your fingers for me that the book sale is still on. I really, really don't want to have to clean things!

Don't forget my Slummy not Yummy Survey is still going and can be accessed here if you have not already completed it.

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