Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Wednesday: Under my umbrella!

Hopefully we are now over the terrible storms and when we next get bad weather we will be back to our usual, standard rain.

Image from morgueFile
Due to the high winds my umbrella got battered around and so I am going to have to buy a new one.

Here are some of the gorgeous umbrellas I have found. Some of them are quite expensive and so although they are nice I couldn't justify the price. But I thought I would include them anyway! - Hand printed Floral Spray Umbrella - $34.95 AUD
Peters of Kensington - Child's Frog Umbrella - $14.00 AUD
Brolly Dollys - Lulu Guiness Every Cloud has a Silver Lining Umbrella - $55.00 AUD
Cancer Council Shop - Cloud Umbrella - $35.95AUD
RSPCA Umbrella - $39.95
The Metropolitan Museum of Art Store Australia - Shoe Print Umbrella - $49.95

See you tomorrow.


  1. Rhonda Anthony31 January 2013 13:46

    I would like one of each

  2. My favourite was the one with the shoes!


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