Friday, 25 January 2013

Friday: Weekend Idea - Do something Aussie!

It's Australia Day tomorrow so if you are Australian have a wonderful day.
Sydney Opera House
Image from morgueFile
If you aren't Australian here are some of my favourite Aussie things for you to try or wonder over!

Tim Tams
I love Tim Tams. Particularly now they come in Turkish Delight flavour. For the English among you they are a bit like a Penguin chocolate biscuit only a million times better!
If you are not Australian and want to be an Aussie for a day then this would be a good place to start!

I appreciate that this is another sweet food but can you really have too much cake?
For a Lamington recipe go here -
Lamingtons are little cubes of sponge cake, dipped in chocolate icing and then rolled in coconut. I had never had one until I came to Australia but trust me they are delicious.

'Big' Things
Australia has this weird obsession with 'big' things. They are massive tourist attractions made of fibreglass and there are about 150 of them dotted all over Australia.
The example above is the Big Pineapple which is not that far away from me. There is also the Big Banana, Big Golden Guitar, Big Trout, Big Lobster etc's_big_things

For me, these 'big' items are so tacky that they are wonderful. I always love it if I see one while on my travels. Australia would be far more boring without them.

I understand that cricket was developed by the English but let's be honest the Australians are far better at the game than most other countries in the world.

Sir Donald Bradman, Unmatched by any other player and he was Australian!
Sometimes there is nothing better than sitting down in front of the telly with a cold beer while watching the cricket. I can guarantee that unless it is raining tomorrow there will be many games of backyard cricket played across the country for Australia Day.

Have a wonderful day tomorrow!


  1. I hope that you & your beautiful family have a great Ozzie day too, Kath xxxooo


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